Our European Odyssey

We began our trip in San Diego, on the 7th of August, 2001. We flew to Dallas/Ft. Worth.
From there, we flew to Frankfurt, Germany.
We then caught another flight to Budapest, Hungary.

At this point, we changed our mode of transportation to taxicabs. Two of them. (We were five people, with 8 bags and five backpacks. We needed a truck or a bus to carry all of our goods.) The cab drivers of Budapest put the Kamikaze taxi drivers of the Far East to shame. We lost about four years of our lives during the mad dash of about 25 kilometers between the airport and the train station.

Finally, we boarded a train to Arad, Romania.
 Photos from the Train

We visited family in Arad. But most of all, we visited the  City of Arad
Then another  train to  Transylvania birthplace of Dracula, really Vlad, the Impaler.

We returned to Arad for a day and then we got on another train to Vienna, where we stopped overnight. We then continued on another train to  Venice, Italy  (Many photos). We met Gaby's brother on the train to Venice.

After three days, we got on another  train to Innsbruck, home of Gaby's brother. We stayed here for a few days and then hopped another train to Vienna. We stayed overnight in vienna and then we made our mad dash for home by
Two Taxi cabs from the hotel to the airport.
A plane from Vienna to Frankfurt, Germany.
Another plane from Frankfurt to Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas.
And another plane from Dallas/Ft. Worth to San Diego.
Where Gaby's brother Adrian Halmagean Senior met us at the airport.


The 'We' in all of this is:
Hugh Johnson
Gabriela Johnson
Christine Johnson
Gabriela Halmagean
Adrian Halmagean

Plus a cast of European Relatives