• Medical: Programmable Infusion Pump
  • Medical: Dynamic Blood Gas Monitoring System
  • Medical: Intersystem Communications

  • Consumer: Ongoing Engineering on InkJet Printers
  • Consumer: Embedded Atheletic Control Systems

  • Industrial: Embedded Real Time Measurement and Control Systems.
  • Industrial: SCADA Systems (RTU's and MTU)
  • Industrial: Process Control Instrumentation
  • Industrial: Robot Control Systems
  • Industrial: Warehouse Stock/Pick Systems
  • Industrial: Intersystems Communications Development
  • Industrial: Embedded Instrumentation

  • Commercial: Damage Estimation Systems
  • Commercial: Automated Teller Systems

  • Infrastructure: Installation of Unix and Linux Servers for:
    • Email Servers
    • File Servers
    • Print Servers
    • Web Servers
  • Infrastructure: Linux Systems Maintenance